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About Grampian Geoscience Ltd

UK based well-site geological consultancy to the oil and gas industry.

Geoscientist with over twenty years experience in the oil and gas industry in a variety of specialist roles, including supervisory experience both on and off-shore. Highly computer literate with extensive IT skills.

Abandonment Geology

  • Planning and execution of the permanent abandonment of c. 50 wells, including subsea and platform wells.
  • Responsible for identification of potential flow zones and isolation windows
  • Ensure adherence to OGUK Well Abandonment Guidelines
  • Authoring of SOAR documentation, including making recommendations regarding interpreted zones of flow potential and isolation zones to the well engineering team
  • Planning, coordination and monitoring of annular cement evaluation

Operations Geology

  • Planning, coordination, and monitoring of all well and rig operations, management of geological and well data.
  • Assist in geological planning of drilling projects and preparation of pre-drill documents.
  • Coordinate and monitor daily rig activities with regard to geological and logging data.
  • Planning and execution of geosteering of wells in reservoir.
  • Supervision and management of the responsibilities and duties of the well site geologist and ensuring all daily reports are correct and timely reporting is adhered.
  • Data QC and quick-look interpretation of geological & formation evaluation data.
  • Provide input for tendering & contracts preparation, if required, with a focus on formation evaluation services (eg: LWD & wireline logging, mudlogging, coring, core analysis, sample analysis etc)
  • Responsible for receiving & handling all geological well data, logs & reports.
  • Preparation & delivery of G&G part of Final Well Report and final Composite Log. Submission of reports adhering to PON9 guidelines. 
  • Submission of WONS applications to DECC.

Wellsite Geological Services

  • Provision of formation evaluation and analysis during drilling operations utilising rock cuttings, gas, MWD and wireline data.
  • Identification of formation boundaries, casing and coring points.
  • Supervision and quality control of geosteering, mud-logging, FEMWD and wireline services.
  • Pre-spud evaluation of offset data and communication of pre-spud and post well data to client personnel.

Heavy Mineral Analysis

  • In conjunction with HM Research Associates Ltd and Heavy Minerals Research Consultants Ltd
  • Provision of offshore heavy mineral analysis during drilling operations

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